We are continuously faced with stress in our daily lives because we are primarily focused on the outside world. We constantly have to process information and have to learn how to integrate our experiences in a positive way. Since we are not always able to do this, we loose our natural ability to relax, and as a result, stress and fatigue sets in to hamper your breath.

Rebirthing/Breathwork also known as Conscious Breathing, is a breathing discipline which helps you restore your breath to its natural state. It helps release symptoms of physical and emotional stress, so that you are able to breathe more freely and fully. From this space of relaxation you are able to navigate the challenges in your life more appropriately. Gaining a sense of inner peace and learning to allow more love into your life, your creativity flourishes. To be healthy, happy and successful it is essential to breath correctly.

While learning and applying the technique of conscious connected breathing, you may experience:

  • Increase in energy
  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed
  • Dissolving of fears, doubts and uncertainties
  • Better control of pain and easing of  physical discomforts
  • Increase in creative potential
  • Expansion of awareness and intuition

Rebirthing/Breathwork is based on the philosophy that thought is creative. By connecting the breath with positive thoughts, you can facilitate positive changes in your life. An important part of Breathwork is thought processing. Cherishing positive thoughts enhances your happiness and vitality. Holding on to negative and fearful thoughts and suppressing these, creates dissatisfaction, tension and disease.

Conscious Breathing helps you become aware of your negative suppressed feelings, and subsequently helps you release these. You are then able to substitute these feelings with feelings of self-worth and love. This is why it is an effective instrument for self-transformation and why more and more people are applying it in order to facilitate what doctors, therapists and spiritual teachers undertake to accomplish. It is an excellent tool for preventive healthcare.

Using the breath as a tool in your daily life, may enable you to achieve:

  • Replacement of superficial breathing with free, uninhibited breathing
  • To continue breathing under stress instead of holding the breath
  • Breaking through the stress cycle and being able to deal better and easier with stress
  • Greater feeling of love and security in your relationship with yourself and with others
  • Deeper sexual experience
  • Decrease  of the desire to smoke or to drink
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