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Netherlands, Amsterdam

Karlijne Tettero

Karlijne gives trainings and individual sessions in Breathwork/Rebirthing and Tantra and leads sweatlodge ceremonies with Robert. She is a certified Rebirther/Trainer and an exceptionally gifted creative dancer.

Her remarkable intuition and keen sense of knowing what lies beneath the surface offers her clients valuable insights on their journey of personal development. She supports others to go through their healing process with ease and pleasure

Karlijne’s gentle and loving nature and the joy she radiates makes her a source of inspiration to others.

She also offers breathwork to women who want children as a means to prepare themselves for their journey of pregnancy and a gentle and loving experience of childbirth.



+31 6 420 260 82

Robert Jayd Tettero

Robert gives trainings and individual sessions in Breathwork/Rebirthing, Personal Coaching, Shamanism and Tantra and is a certified Rebirther/Trainer. He also leads sweatlodge ceremonies.

He has dedicated his life to personal healing and inner growth work and is the Founder of Manna Life Source, his personal practice, the European Rebirthing Association and The Precious Pearl Foundation. He is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands but offers his work throughout Europe, the United States and wherever people are enthusiastic of hosting him.

Robert has immense talent and creativity in everything he does, is passionate about his work and is a true ‘teacher’ who guides you on your own unique path without forcing his own views and values on others.



+31 (0)20 421 8480

Shanti Devi Uppal

Shanti Devi is half Indian and half Dutch and is an experienced, intuitive and dedicated breathwork-guide and teacher working in different parts of the world such as India, Tanzania , Europe and has her base in Amsterdam. She loves to work with young creative decision makers, women, indigenous people and anyone ready to breathe, live and love more fully.   Shanti Devi has a background in theatre , film, music and has worked as a ”free-flow -creativity” – teacher at the Fashion Institute in Amsterdam (10 years.) and as a facilitator in  ”communication through music” & personal creative development with the legendary ”ArtinRhythm” (8 years) which has given her many skills in creative and human processes. Shanti completed her breathwork training at Manna Life Source and has since been working with clients from all walks of life: from the Masai to European fashion designers.

Shanti Devi is also the founder of Source-Breathwork which offers trainings and individual sessions and quests with heart.


Theo Tettero

Having obtained a business degree, Theo spent most of his working career in the high profile environment of international trading. As dynamic and exciting as it was, he eventually encountered an increasing need for inner reconciliation. This feeling persisted for some time and provided the impulse for an ongoing process of inner development.  He turned to the art of Rebirthing developed by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray in the early 1970′s and to the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff with the Movements and Sacred Dances.

As Breathwork practitioner and Transpersonal coach, he applies both teachings as instruments for self-inquiry and transformation to facilitate inner growth and well-being. He is also a passionate body worker. He presents his work in a loving, joyful and profound way.


is currently in San Pedro, Guatamala


Maare Zondervan

I work as an integrative psychotherapist at ZON: Practice for breathwork and psychotherapy. I help people unearth their creativity, talents and life purposes. In particular I help them approach their problems in a different way. The power of the breath is at the core of my practice. Conscious breathing is like an accelerator in therapy: it accelerates the transformation process.

With nature as my source of inspiration I obtained a Masters in Landscape Architecture in 1999. For years I worked on design and construction projects with lots of joy. My life changed however when I started the Rebirthing & Personal Transformation training. Conscious breathing gave me profound insights and I discovered my true nature. Ever since, my focus has been on transformational processes and personal development. I obtained a Bachelor degree at the Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie. I have been combining psychotherapy with breathwork for 5 years now.



+31 6 242 301 08

Germany, Singen

Sylvia Harke

In 1999 I started my rebirthing training, having the great oppurtunity to learn from Robert Tettero and Dr. Ines Howe in Berlin. I am a german psychologist and it is my passion to support people in the process of awakening their creativity. I coach artists and everybody who is interested in developing their creativity. I am also family counsellor for families and children in particular. I followed a postgraduate professional education at the Ph.D. Gordon Neufeld Institute in Vancouver, Canada. I have integrated many other techniques from other disciplines my work, such as NLP, but Rebirthing is still the most fascinating and most powerful thing that I have ever experienced in my life. So I just love to work with this breathing technique for myself and my clients. I express my creativity through singing, writing, painting and playing harp.

Tel.+49 (0) 7731-926 329

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