Welcome to the Core Team.

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We all come from very different backgrounds and yet have several things in common: the desire to learn and grow and the enthusiasm we share for Rebirthing that has helped us raise the quality of our lives and bring about change in the most profound ways.

Robert Jayd Tettero

I have obtained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, with a major in International Business and a minor in Languages. I worked as a management consultant for several years before I realized that there was still something missing in my life. It was something that was always there but hidden beneath the surface, always beyond my reach.
Rebirthing helped me realize that it was my spiritual heritage that was calling me, waiting to be unlocked, refined, to become part of my everyday life. From that moment on I dedicated myself to my own personal development and did everything in my power to find peace within myself.
Rebirthing was one of the means that helped define my new self. After my first session I immediately knew that it was to become my life’s work.

Karlijne Tettero

After school I enrolled at the school for modern dance for 2 years after which I followed a part time vocational training in Personnel Management. For quite some years I ventured from one job to the other always looking for what would eventually make me happy. In 2002 I started Rebirthing which completely changed my life.
Besides my passion for dance, I had finally found something that had touched me so deeply.
I took the complete breathwork training, assisted in all the trainings for quite some years and finally became trainer myself. I am happy to share my passion and knowledge for this work with others.

Theo Smits

After completing my studies in Computer Science I joined Cap Gemini in 1986 as an ICT consultant. In 2006 when things were not going so well in my life I came into contact with Rebirthing.
It was Rebirthing amongst others, that helped me get my life back on track. I was so impressed by the results of this breathing technique that I immediately joined to complete the whole training.
Rebirthing is still part of my life and continues to help me on a daily basis.

Peter Dekker

After fulfilling my military service at the Marine Core as cook/steward on a minesweeper, I joined the family business: Dekker Natuursteen BV in Loodsdrecht (natural stone works). During that time I followed financial and technical trainings and other related trainings to expand my knowledge in the business. I am currently the Director of my own company ETDECO Natuursteenwerken BV. Besides my career I started taking Rebirthing sessions.
It brought so many beautiful and positive aspects to my life that I decided to take the complete training. I am happy to be able to assist in the Breathwork trainings. Rebirthing has become a part of my every day life.

Theo Tettero

Having obtained a business degree, I spent most of my working career in the high profile environment of international trading. However dynamic and exciting this was, I eventually encountered an increasing need for inner reconciliation.
This feeling persisted for some time and provided the impulse for an ongoing process of inner development.  I turned to the art of Rebirthing developed by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray in the early 1970′s.
Rebirthing was the catalyst to my transformational process and to this day I can earnestly say that this was the best thing I ever did for myself in my life.

Irene van der Hulst

Having been trained as a social worker I worked in the field of education, welfare, healthcare and juvenile help. For many years I also worked as trainer and coach in communications, 6 of those years as an independent contractor. From an early age I felt the need to develop myself and after obtaining 3 degrees, in the 90’s felt compelled to invest more in spiritual work. I wanted to know who I really was, what I wanted, where I stood and what my wishes and desires were. At the institute for integrale psychologie (ITIP) (integral psychology) I followed courses in coaching and bodywork. I also took the complete breathwork training. It has given me so much. My parents called me Irene, which means peace. I am feeling that more and more. Instead of my head, my heart has begun speaking and I feel so much more love for myself and others. It gives me faith to continue to do what I was meant to be doing in this world.

Maare Zondervan

I work as an integrative psychotherapist at ZON: practice for breathwork and psychotherapy. I help people unearth their creativity, talents and life purposes. In particular I help them approach their problems in a different way. The power of the breath is at the core of my practice. Conscious breathing is like an accelerator in therapy: it accelerates the transformation process.
With nature as my source of inspiration I obtained a Masters in Landscape Architecture in 1999. For years I worked on design and construction projects with lots of joy. When I started the Rebirthing & Personal Transformation training, my life changed. Conscious breathing gave me profound insights and I discovered my true nature. Ever since, my focus has been on transformational processes and personal development. I obtained a Bachelor degree at the Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie. Since 5 years I combine psychotherapy with breathwork.

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