Certified Membership

For Certified Breathworkers/Rebirthers and Trainers

Full Certification Requirements:

  • Breathwork Training Level I, II, III. IV; at the end of Level IV
  • 10 sessions with a woman breathwork practitioner who is fully certified by one of the
    international organizations.
  • 10 sessions with a male breathwork practitioner who is fully certified by one of the
    international organizations.
  • You must have obtained 5 paying clients who have each taken 10 sessions with you. You need to have them fill in an evaluation form and have them send it to their Breathwork trainers for an overview.
  • 1 year apprenticeship – assisting one year (not required but recommended).

If you are only interested in taking levels 1 through 4, after completion you will receive a certificate of participation. You will receive a breathwork certificate upon completing all requirements. The requirements are a measure of qualification. They are to insure a standardised degree of training, and to ensure that a breathworker approaches his work as an ongoing process for him/herself.

Level I – Breathwork Basics – 3 days

Breathwork & Transformation

During this training you will be given the tools to facilitate the process of your personal transformation in a loving and effective way. One of the ways we will do this is to teach you a specific, powerful and yet simple breathing technique that can release stress and negative experiences of the past. We invite you to discover the universal laws that govern your life, to look at your basic beliefs and how they influence you and to learn how to change your life in a more positive way. This is a way how to return to your essence. Your breath is probably the single most important element to achieving good health, happiness and success.

General topics include:

  • The components of Breathwork
  • The fundamentals of Breathwork
  • The emotional guidance system
  • The principle of creative thought
  • The law of attraction, projection and manifestation
  • Positive/negative self-image
  • The ego and the superego
  • Using affirmations
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation

Level II – Practitioners Training – 7 days

The Art of Breathing

This is a 7 day intern training (with lodging)

We will delve deeper into the topics presented in the basic training and expand your general knowledge of breathwork, to help you accelerate your personal transformation.

During this week we will share with you our knowledge of the Art & Science of breathwork (rebirthing/conscious breathing), and will help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional breathwork practitioner. You will become more efficient in client assessment, give you a more fundamental understanding of “breathwork practice”, and increase your understanding of the function of the breath itself. During this intensive you will learn to facilitate both hot, as well as cold water sessions, and learn the specifics of when and how to apply them.

General topics include:

  • Unraveling the negative beliefs and convictions and the personal lie
  • Birth: conception, prenatal influences (in utero), and your birth itself
  • The qualities and deviations of the breath
  • Client interview and assessment
  • Warm and cold water specifics
  • Unraveling the fears of aging, disease and death
  • The qualities and requirements of a professional breathworker

Level III – Practitioners Training – 6 days

Success, Prosperity & Money Matters

Leadership: Presentation & Communication

Consists of two, 3-day segments.

Level 4 is designed to develop your communication skills and helps you look at issues around coming out into the world and being fully successful. The level that you have cleared up your “Birth Trauma” is the level in which you will be successful in all your endeavours. We will also look at how to create a successful breathwork practice, by looking at your family patterns and your fundamental beliefs around money. This is an important part of the training in that you get to put into practice all that you have learned. For anything we learn to make any sense we need the skills of “practical application”.

This section covers all the required material for the complete Breathwork Counseling certification.

Level IV – Practitioners Training – 3 days


It seems that there are still many taboos in regards to sexuality, which is why it is important to deal with these issues. As long as we don’t give due recognition to the sexual beings that we are and are not able to experience our sexuality from a place of innocence then we will continue to shut ourselves off of our essential life force!

It is also important to unravel our sexual conditioning so that we are better able to facilitate and support our clients in the event these issues should come up.

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